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Footwork is a 90 minute production centered on amplifying the sound of the feet, featuring a lot of rhythmic footwork.In ancient Bantu music making, the rhythm of the drums, melodie of the instruments and voices go together with clapping and stomping of the feet. Lately, people have been ignoring the sound of the feet. This showcase highlights the pivotal mathematics incorporated in the feet, interwinding dance and music.Teaching the beauty of heritage and taking the audience to a time before colonialism, Footwork makes for an interesting showcase highlighting the Kalanga, Ndebele, Tswana, Venda, Khoisan, and Karanga, fostering African resilience at a time when Tribalism, Xenophobia, and hate speech has been forcibly instilled into the masses. It is very fitting and even commendable that in this day and age, where tribal hatred and xenophobia plague our continent, MAP strives to bring people together with its music. The band believes that art represents the unity that can be achieved in Africa if all tribes work towards it. After all, people are meant to harmonize with each other in this great big symphony of life.



The production DzaGogo, which translates as “my grandmother’s songs”, is focused on preserving our heritage, bringing the rural setup onto the stage and showcasing the roles, different classes, gender, age groups which are upheld in ancient Zimbabwean music making.

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